Registration Requirements


1. Mandatory Shots Required:
6th grade students

  •  4/5 doses DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus)
  •  3/5 doses polio vaccine
  •  2 doses MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
  •  Hep B (2-3 Doses)
  •  1 dose of varicella vaccine or date of disease (year), verified by parent or physician

 7th & 8th grade students

  •  4/5 doses DTaP
  •  3/5 doses polio vaccine
  •  2 doses MMR
  •  Hep B (2-3 Doses)
  • 1 dose Tdap (tetanus – diphtheria – pertussis)
  • 1 dose varicella or date of disease (year)

2. CURRENT PHYSICAL: Dated and signed by a physician within the last 12 months (this is not necessary for students who have ever been in a Florida school previously).

3. PROOF OF RESIDENCY: You must prove that your child lives in the GMS zone (Examples: A current bill, such as any utility, a rental agreement, a mortgage contract, with your name & street address). If your child does not live in the Gulf Middle School zone, a School Choice Application form must be completed and submitted to the School Board. Until such time that the Choice Application is approved, you must enroll your child in the home school.

Requested but not required:

1. BIRTH CERTIFICATE: and/or Custody/Guardianship/Adoption Papers (If applicable)


3. WITHDRAWAL FORM or most recent REPORT CARD from the child’s last school attended

4. SPECIAL EDUCATION RECORDS: (if applicable) – to include copies of current I/EP & anything else available.