18-19 Course Selections: 6th and 7th grade students will receive course cards during 1st period to take home to review with parents on Monday, April 2nd. See course descriptions for details. Elective courses listed are being considered to determine student interest, but are not guaranteed until school allocations are finalized. One semester of PE is required for all students grades 6-8, and Health is required for all 6th grade students. Course cards are due on Wednesday, April 4th.

Students interested in joining AVID (6th-8th) or Peer Counseling/Peers as Partners (7th/8th) require a completed application and teacher recommendation forms. Applications will be accepted through Friday April 6th. Students may print an application from the GMS website or pick up a copy in Student Services. Completed applications will be turned in to Student Services.

Peers as Partners MS Application 18-19

Peers as Partners HS Application 18-19