GMS Administration


Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to Gulf Middle School, home of the Buccaneers. At Gulf Middle, our vision or purpose to for “All Gulf Middle School students to be life, career and college ready.  We measure progress of our vision by our three GMS student outcomes; Mastery of grade level standards, Middle to High School promotion and High School Diploma. In the end, when students walk across their high school stage at graduation with their diploma in hand, they are able to stand before the world and choose their own life and career path. At GMS, we will create a safe and academically rich environment where all of our students succeed and know they belong. We will be successful because we work together. Thank you for allowing us to be partners in your child’s education.

To be true partners, we all need to be on the same page. . .
Middle School is an exciting age, and it is a time where we work to help your child (our students) develop positive academic and social behaviors that support our three GMS Student Outcomes and fulfill our GMS vision.  Academic and social successes do not happen by accident.  It takes students, parents, and teachers working together to send the same message of our vision, three student outcomes and our shared values.  Our Shared Values are; Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be a Problem-Solver.  Within our Shared Values we have identified specific behaviors that guide students in behaviors that align with both our vision and three student outcomes.

GMS vision (the purpose of GMS)
All GMS students will be Life, Career and College ready.

Student Outcomes
Mastery of grade level standards
Meet Middle to High School promotion requirements
High School Diploma

Shared (Student/School/Staff/Family) Values
Respect (I know my role and the role of others in promoting my success.)
Responsibility (I own my words and actions.)
Problem Solver (I will take a positive role in my success, the success of others, and of Gulf Middle School.)

There is so much for our students to learn, and if we work together and stay on the same page, we help all of our students treat all people with respect so that all can focus on getting the work done, learning as much as possible, and reaching their highest potential as literate and considerate citizens. I wish you the best for an excellent school year. Good luck, and enjoy being a Gulf Buccaneer.

Jason Joens, Principal